You’ll enjoy a fine piece of German engineering just about any time you see the BMW badge, but when it comes to car dealerships, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. For example, despite its name, Pioneer Truck Sales just happens to be a top source for used BMWs in the Avon area. Whether you prefer the brand’s cars or SUVs, we can offer you a carefully selected range of rides that combine BMW’s unique benefits with our commitment to treating you right. Check us out today, online or in-person, and drive home with a bold new BMW!


You may expect to pay premium prices for these premium vehicles, yet you can actually save thousands of dollars just by shopping for used BMWs in Avon instead of new ones. That’s because new BMWs, like most new cars, will lose a lot of their value over time due to depreciation. In fact, depreciation can reduce the value of a typical car by more than 20% after one year and by more than 60% over five. Those lower values then translate into lower prices when the same vehicles are sold used — even if they’re still in excellent condition. After you pay for the car itself, your next biggest ownership cost with an automobile is often insurance coverage, and used BMWs can save here, too, since insurance companies usually base their rates on a vehicle’s value.

Another advantage to buying used BMWs is that there are many more models to choose from. Remember, BMW isn’t a big mainstream brand that sells millions of vehicles a year in this country. So looking at BMWs from multiple years definitely expands your pool of possibilities.

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BMW has a well-earned reputation for building the ultimate driving machine, and for today’s drivers, that means not only dynamic performance but also high levels of technology and luxury. As a result, you can find pre-owned BMWs for sale in Avon with advanced driving assistance systems, comprehensive connectivity, and world-class amenities that make every ride feel special. (Note: Exact features may vary by model and year.)

  • Drive these performance machines with confidence, knowing that BMW can help keep you out of harm’s way with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind- spot monitoring, and more.
  • BMW makes its sophisticated infotainment systems easy to use with large touchscreens, console-mounted controls, natural voice recognition, and even no-touch Gesture Control for many vehicle functions.
  • Go mobile but stay connected with WiFi compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and wireless charging.
  • Many of the used BMWs for sale in Avon supply full-color digital instrument panels and futuristic-looking head-up displays for monitoring important vehicle information.
  • Tap into BMW’s luxurious side for richly crafted interiors with impeccable attention to detail and authentic materials like high-grade leather, real wood, and genuine carbon fiber trim that can be complemented by ultra-lux cues such as heated/ventilated massage-function seats, Bowers &
  • Wilkins audio, and the exclusive Panoramic Sky Lounge roof: It’s embedded with thousands of
  • LED lighting elements so you feel like you’re riding right under the stars.


Out of all the used BMWs for sale in Avon, we meticulously choose only the best to offer to our customers, and we’re especially focused on the ones we think area drivers will most prefer — including many with the brand’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive systems for dealing with difficult weather conditions. And you’ll be glad to know that xDrive isn’t limited to BMW’s distinctive Sports Activity Vehicles. It’s also available in the company’s coupe, sports sedans, roadsters, and even wagons.

  • New to the BMW lineup? You’ll find these vehicles rely on a simple alphanumeric naming system where — generally speaking — the higher the number, the higher the levels of performance and luxury. Additionally, the odd numbers are usually reserved for models with classic BMW styling, while the even numbers indicate more expressive designs.
  • Leading off the BMW roster are the 1 and 2 Series cars that are complemented by the X1 and X2 SUVs. These bring the brand’s hallmark performance into easier reach with more affordable pricing.
  • The iconic BMW 3 Series sport sedan remains the benchmark for its class, and you can enjoy the same unmistakable approach to driving in the 4 Series coupe and convertible — and the X3 and X4 SUVs.
  • The fantastic BMW 5 Series and the flagship 7 Series, plus the stunning 6 and 8 Series coupes, take you to a world of luxurious motoring that you won’t want to leave.
  • Rugged and capable, the X5 and X6 SUVs are now joined by the first three-row BMW: the X7 that treats the whole family to BMW’s benefits.
  • The BMW Z3/Z4 roadsters are ready to introduce you to BMW’s brand of open-air driving thrills, as are power-retractable convertible versions of many series models.
  • Beyond upgrading BMWs for better performance, the brand’s M motorsports division builds its own dedicated driving machines that serve up racing-style performance in street-legal packages.
  • BMW is electrifying its lineup with i models like the compact i3 — available in both EV and plug- in hybrid setups — plus the i8 plug-in supercar and the upcoming iX all-electric SUV.
  • You can also find some performance-focused wagons among the used BMWs for sale in Avon to combine the best of the brand’s car and SUV advantages.


The Bayerische Motoren Werke — or Bavarian Motor Works — was incorporated in Germany in 1922, but it had actually gotten its start in 1916, building airplane engines. BMW soon shifted gears to making motorcycles, and it’s worth pointing out that the company’s BMW Motorrad division continues to build premium motorbikes today. Of course, our focus is on four-wheeled BMWs, which first began appearing in the late 1920s (under a license from the British automaker Austin).

BMW began a new chapter after World War II when it began designing and building new vehicles for the rebuilding German market. The company started expanding its horizons in the 1960s with its “New Class” models that did indeed take the brand in a new direction. With the introduction of the 1972 5 Series and the 1975 3 Series, BMW was well on its way to becoming the premium German automaker it is today. By the mid-1990s, BMW was building its vehicles in the United States and bringing out its first SUV, the X5. Now both new and pre-owned BMWs are highly prized for their performance, prestige, and athletic luxury.

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